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Dream Job Coaching - Love Your Work

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Love Your Work

Make the Job You Have the Job You've Always Dreamed Of

Looking for your dream job? One of the best places to look is… your business card! That's right. Instead of joining the millions of others crowding the job market, your dream job can be the one you already have. Love Your Work can bring new levels of fulfillment into your work life and will allow you to enjoy where you are. You can bring more of you and your passion into your work, change your perceptions, and improve your work habits. Turn your job into a dream job you're excited about going to each day.

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“I never imagined I could transform my current job into my dream job. But, that is exactly what this book taught me. I was able to recapture excitement in my work and to create the work situation I always wanted. I began to actually enjoy my work and look forward to going to the office each day. My job now has personal meaning to me. I’ve never grown so much in my career… by staying in the same job!”

Paul Barkley
Systems Analyst

“I was frustrated. My career seemed stuck on the ‘pause’ button. This book helped me bring new levels of fulfillment into my current assignment. I learned how to regularly review my work so that I can continually bring more of what I love to my job. I know how to have open and constructive dialogue with my superiors about my job and how it can better fit who I am. I’m able to reveal more of my gifts and talents so they can be fully utilized in my work.”

Toby Johnson, Marketing Manager

You Will Learn How to:

  • Make the job you have your dream job.
  • Build a strong relationship with your job.
  • Enjoy your work.
  • Improve your relationships with coworkers.
  • Acquire the primary motivators in your work.
  • Leverage mentoring.
  • Become a change leader.
  • Create balance in your life.
  • Bring spiritual values into your work life.
  • Improve productivity and efficiency.
  • Use your time productively.
  • Master information flow.
  • Increase your effectiveness on projects.
  • Mine for career fulfillment.
  • Reinvent your work.
  • Own your gifts at work.

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