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Land Your Dream Job

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Land Your Dream Job

It's More Then a Job - It's the Fulfillment of a Dream

Readers are guided through a proven, seven-step action-oriented process that helps them define and land work that matches their natural gifts and passions. Using engaging exercises and tools, you will reveal the unique talents typically hidden under layers of doubts and self-imposed limitations. This remarkably effective process is different from traditional job search paradigms. It works from the inside out, focusing on the whole person instead of just matching job titles with qualifications. Finding or creating a job that rewards each person with the maximum level of personal and professional fulfillment is the goal.

This book has been used with great success to guide clients from virtually all professions find fulfilling vocations. Land Your Dream Job is filled with 245 pages, more than 100 unique exercises, and information that will help you throughout your career.

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Thanks to Joel’s book, I found my dream job. I actually get up in the morning and want to go to work. I can’t believe that they actually pay me to do this job.

Kathleen Cody, Executive Director

Joel has created an amazing workbook called Land Your Dream Job. The truly great thing about this book is that it really works! I now have more clarity in several key areas including the essence of my gifts, talents and top values. In this workbook, change is truly possible if one is willing to put in the effort to explore what is really essential to create in life. I continue to refer back to this book often, and find it to be a great resource.

Bob Adler, Human Resource Director

Land Your Dream Job is highly motivational and extremely effective using inspirational quotes, encouraging stories, and insightful exercises. Joel brings the reader’s dreams to life and actually makes them obtainable through a tried-and-true-step-by-step-action-oriented methodology.

Kristen Bouvier, Graphic Designer

The dream job process is much more than a job search. It really helped me define who I am, what I want in life and where I want to go.

Craig Hambelton, Director of Sales

This book helped me uncover my passions and follow a career path I had not thought was possible.

Kimberly S. Netzloff, Controller

You Will Learn:

  • What a dream job is.
  • Obstacles to making your dream job a priority.
  • The difference between skills, gifts and passions.
  • To turn innate gifts and passions into ideal work.
  • How to create deeper meaning in your life.
  • To leverage your most fulfilling experiences and translate them into opportunities at work.
  • How to move from stagnation to greatness.
  • To identify the barriers that block your innate gifts and talents.
  • How to overcome limitations and barriers.
  • To inspire yourself to action.
  • How to free yourself from your rational brain.
  • The top 10 reasons why you must have your dream job.
  • The top 10 ideas to explore when you don't know what your dream job is.
  • What you are meant to do.
  • To examine what your heart desires.
  • How to cultivate your intuition.
  • To define your dream job.
  • How to formulate your strategy to land your dream job.
  • To create role models and support to land your dream job.
  • How to overcome discouragement and self-doubt.

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