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Sixteen Characteristics to Help You Advance Up the Corporate Ladder Quickly and Effectively through Increased Exposure, Visibility, and Self-Promotion

In this book you’ll learn how to stand out, get noticed and get ahead. You'll learn how to advance up the corporate ladder quickly and effectively through increased exposure, visibility, and self-promotion. The end result is an extraordinary career in which you reach your full leadership potential. You’ll become the most influential business leader and effective executive by having an executive presence. You will learn the top sixteen characteristics which represent the ideal behaviors, mindset and habits of a successful business person.

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Each of the sixteen executive traits fall into five categories necessary to developing a well-rounded executive presence:

  1. Business Intelligence
  2. Risk-Taking
  3. Interpersonal Relationships
  4. Performance Improvement
  5. Self-Development


Throughout my career at Sprint, Motorola and Cisco, I could always recognize an executive. They exude more confidence, insight and always seemed in control. I always wondered what school teaches people to think, speak and comport themselves like that. Joel Garfinkle has identified that ‘something’ in Executive Presence. You'll learn how to manifest those qualities to expand your career and extend your influence on your organization.

This book enlightened me on how to think, speak and comport oneself as an executive. I'm using these qualities to help expand my career and extend my impact throughout my organization.

Andrew Peters, Director of Marketing

Executive Presence' is an invaluable guide for anyone seeking to enhance their personal and professional growth and success. Well-written and inspiring, the book provides practical examples and exercises to apply to your own specific situation. I quickly found myself thinking and acting like an executive. In no time at all, I realized I had developed my own executive presence which included sharing the book's insights with colleagues, employees and clients alike.

Angela Osborne, Executive Director
Morgan Stanley

This book is an indispensable tool that can be used daily to exercise and enhance your executive presence. The value is even greater when you couple it with an active coaching engagement with Joel."

Rick Esker, Director

Executive Presence is a must read for anyone who wants to take control of their career path and define their own professional destiny. I would recommend this book to everyone in the work force, from an executive looking for impact in business politics to an assistant looking for recognition.

Hannah Hieu, Senior Director
The Westfield Group

The 'Executive Presence' workbook is an invaluable resource that I continue to use time and again. It provides a new and effective blueprint for leadership with exercises that reinforce the learning with real-life examples.

R.J. Milnor, Senior Director
Corporate Executive Board

You Will Learn How to:

  • Identify and increase your executive presence.
  • Convey confidence as a business leader.
  • Master the art of visibility and self-promotion.
  • Chart a decisive career path that will maximize your potential.
  • Gain the confidence and respect of your co-workers and supervisors.
  • Increase your responsibility and value to the company.
  • Dispel any doubts regarding your abilities, influence and advancement.
  • Navigate company politics and use them to your benefit.
  • Eliminate the roadblocks that keep you from rising to the top of an organization.
  • Boost visibility for your contributions to your company’s success.
  • Be recognized as capable and competent by upper-management.
  • Identify advocates who will endorse your advancement.
  • Advance confidently up the corporate ladder.
  • “Downsize-proof” your career.
  • Recognize opportunities for positive exposure.
  • Be assigned meaningful, high-profile projects.
  • Broaden your sphere of influence.
  • Accomplish and surpass your professional, personal and financial goals.

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