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How Outplacement Career Centers Turn Layoffs into Career Advancement Opportunities

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Outplacement centers can help displaced workers redirect their efforts to find viable employment in their chosen fields. These centers provide career counseling and resume services to help your exiting employees find work faster. Expert coaching from outplacement career centers can help clients learn to network effectively and find employment quickly.

Not all outplacement firms offer the same quality of service, though. Some focus solely on resume preparation and practice interviews or provide educational services only through group meetings and seminars. At Garfinkle Outplacement Services, clients work one-on-one with a job coach who walks them through a nine-step process that helps them get the job they want.

3 Ways Garfinkle Outplacement Outshines the Competition

  1. By turning a layoff into a career advancement opportunity.
    Too many times, downsized employees are driven by fear to apply for any and every position they can find. Our job coach works with your employees one-on-one to help them determine exactly the type of work they really want and helps them create an action plan to get the job of their dreams.
  2. By focusing on networking.
    Networking is, by far, the most effective means of finding a job. A survey conducted by the New York Times says that 64% of job seekers found employment through their networks. The remaining 36% is comprised of:
    • 11% found jobs via advertisements
    • 12% via job search firms
    • 4% via the Internet
    • 9% through other sources
    Often, clients complain when presented with these statistics because the other forms of finding a job are easier for busy people, budget-challenged people, or introverted people. Because networking is so important, the job coach at Garfinkle Outplacement works with each employee to unleash the power of their networks and help them network their way to their ideal jobs.
  3. By helping employees succeed at their new jobs.
    Most outplacement services stop once the employee finds a new job. That's not the case at Garfinkle. The job coach works with employees to help them make a positive impact during the first days and weeks at their new jobs to establish a solid foundation for success in their new careers.

Expert coaching from a top-notch outplacement career center such as Garfinkle Outplacement Services will help clients learn to network effectively to find the perfect career opportunity, craft a resume and cover letter targeted specifically to that job, and show up at the interview well-prepared and confident—everything they need to walk away with the job of their dreams.