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Looking for a job? The Internet can be a goldmine. With more than 40,000 job sites, it's no wondering almost three-fourths of all job seekers use the web as their primary source of job postings.

But there's a catch! According to AARP, only about one percent of job searchers find their new job via the Internet! Where's the disconnect?

Most people don't have a job search strategy. It's far too tempting to simply click on or any of the other popular career-related sites.

I encourage my clients to avoid this temptation and to take a more disciplined approach. Before you surf the job sites, check out the links I've listed below. They outline the best strategies for finding a job online.

8 online resources to finding a job:

  1. "35 Ways to Land a Job Online"
    Written by Gina Imperato, this Fast Company article is "the ultimate guide to writing a great online resume, posting it on the best sites and choosing the right job." Click Here
  2. "The New Era of Job-Hunting: Strategies for Finding Employment on the Internet"
    "The focus of this article is to provide you with a roadmap that will guide you through the maze of Web sites related to career development and job hunting and give you directions to the best resources currently available to job-seekers," says author Randall S. Hansen, PhD. Click Here
  3. "Guide to Finding Jobs Online" prides itself as "your objective source of the Web's best job search resources." Its Web site provides job search advice and tips, networking resources, as well as links to job sites and career resources. Click Here
  4. The Riley Guide: How to Job Search
    Created by Margaret Riley Dikel, this website includes articles such as "How to Use the Internet in Your Job Search," "Use the Internet to Find Job Leads" and "New Technologies for Your Job Search." Click Here
  5. "Use the Internet Wisely To Aid Your Job Search"
    This article, also written by Ms. Riley Dickel, appeared in the Wall Street Journal. "The Internet is just one club in the job-search golf bag," she advises. "Use it carefully and it will help, not hinder, your game." Click Here
  6. "Getting Ready to Search: the Pros and Cons of Internet Job Searches"
    This article by AARP includes cautions and tips for making the best use of the Internet to find a job. Click Here
  7. "Career Resources: Joel Garfinkle has compiled a list of the Web's most useful resources."
    This includes the following: (1) Researching salaries, (2) Best general job resource Sites, (3) Excellent job listing and search sites, (4) Write and post your resume, (5) Job research resources, (6) Resources for small business and (7) Nonprofit internet web sites Click Here
  8. "Find a Job in 14 Days"
    Written by Joel Garfinkle, this book is packed with inside tips on how to survive the transition of unemployment, create your winning resume, master the interview process, and land the job in less than half the time. Plus, if you order today, you'll receive a bonus gift to help you negotiate the best salary when you find your new job. Click Here!