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Jobless in Today's Economy – What to Do?

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In today's economy, every person knows someone who has been laid off, fired, terminated or is unemployed. Finding a new job has become a lot more difficult. You can't expect to have three great opportunities lined up in the next six weeks. You must stay steadfast and patient. The right opportunity will ultimately come along. Just realize that your job search will take longer than expected.

Here are some tips to get you through this difficult period:

  1. Know how the realities of today's economy impact your job search.
    Be knowledgeable of what is causing the down economy and how this can impact your job search. Understand the truth of how this is a difficult economy and it's hard to find a job right now.
  2. Don't succumb to the fears of this economic recession.
    Be careful how much bad economic news you digest. If you don't limit your exposure to all the naysayers, you will feel totally defeated. You will lose all your energy and excitement necessary to move forward to find an actual job.
  3. Notice all the people employed so you visualize yourself being employed.
    Are people still getting hired? Absolutely! The national unemployment rate through March, 09 was 8.5 percent. That means 91.5 percent of American workers still have jobs. Focus on the prospect of joining the vast majority of workers rather than bemoaning your temporary status as a member of a small minority.
  4. Expect more rejections and fewer opportunities.
    Doing a job search and actually landing a job takes a lot longer than most people expect. Expect the real possibility of having more disappointments on your job search, lost opportunities and rejection. Make more room to handle the rejection you might receive so you aren't as impacted by it as it continues to increase.
  5. Believe you are employable and will be employed.
    Be confident that a job opportunity will happen. You are employable! You will be employed. List all the reasons you are employable and what you have to offer a company. You'll be inspired by all your talents and skills. Make the strongest case for yourself to energize yourself with a sense of empowerment, confidence, clarity and conviction.
  6. Block out negative thoughts.
    Block out and reject anything that doubts or questions your talents and abilities. Even when you encounter a lack of opportunities and lose hope, remind yourself of what you do have to offer an employer.
  7. Take an entire day off from your job search.
    When the job searching starts to negatively impact how you feel, it's a good time to take a break. Not just a short break (an hour or two), but the entire day. You can't keep pushing the job search even though you think the more time you invest, the quicker you'll get the job. However, you will get burnt out quickly because of the lack of success, opportunities and dominant down feeling that the job search causes. Recognize that some days just aren't good days to job search. Take the time off to rejuvenate yourself.
  8. Reach out and ask for help.
    When it becomes difficult to stay motivated and you are feeling down about yourself and your abilities, call a friend, hire a job search coach or reach out to anyone who can help you. Get yourself out of the drowning and depressing feeling that a job search can cause. You need someone to help you and get you out of your rut.
  9. Push though the rejections and lack of job opportunities.
    Deal with the rejections that will inevitably come from a job search. It's important to push through them and get beyond their impact. Feel confident about your skills, resume and job prospects and recognize that rejections are apart of the job search process.
  10. Overcome the depressing and defeated feelings that come with a job search.
    You will feel disappointment, de-motivation, and even some depression during your job search. Everyone does! You're not alone. Be inspired, motivated and heartened by the many positive things in your life: your faith, friends and family.
  11. Maintain positive momentum with small wins so you feel progress in your job search.
    Find small wins that will keep you engaged in your job search. Some examples of small wins: you gained a couple of networking contacts, you phoned three people and got one job lead and you had a contact hand deliver your resume to a job you want. These small wins help create momentum so you are able to move forward, stay motivated and take action daily.