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3 Ways Executive Outplacement Helps Downsized Marketing Firm Employees


In today's challenging economy, numerous organizations in nearly every industry, including marketing firms, find themselves having to downsize their workforce. No business manager enjoys letting good employees go, but they often have little choice. The one thing they can do to help lessen the trauma is to utilize executive outplacement services..

Marketing firms can use executive outplacement to help find employment or a new career for the employees they have to terminate. The three key ways outplacement services help employees is providing guidance on how to survive the initial downsizing shock, target the exact role and industry they want, and use networking to find their new position.

Losing your job is one of the worst life experiences. The financial security you once had is wiped away and replaced with uncertainty and fear. A corporate outplacement firm is a cushion for the hard fall of downsizing.  Outplacement professionals understand what your employees are going through. They can connect them with others, as a support group, and keep them motivated to keep moving ahead. Outplacement service professionals will also help employees who have recently lost their jobs manage the discouragement that can come with being let go, as well as any self-doubt or disappointments that come up during the job search process. With outplacement services, your former employees will have guided career direction and hope that this is simply a temporary setback.

By taking advantage of employee outplacement services, marketing firms help their employees get back into the workforce more easily. A job search coach working with the outplacement firm will help your employees evaluate their strengths and interests to identify the type of job they should be seeking. They will also help the employees clarify which industry they should target. For marketing professionals, this may be the marketing industry, or it may be another industry where their marketing skills will be of value. Specific firms and job titles can be determined, and a clear job search action plan, complete with daily actionable steps that should be taken and weekly goals, helps ensure your former employee's job search is kept on track.

The best outplacement services will help your exiting employees use the power of networking to find their next career opportunity. Although some may think finding a job efficiently means surfing the Internet and the numerous job posting boards, an executive outplacement professional knows that networking is where the real job search power lies. Your former marketing employees will learn how to leverage their network of contacts to find potential employers. They'll master strategies for generating new contacts in any industry and use their network to find a job for them.  Through networking, your former employees will set up meetings with key organizational decision makers so they can capitalize on their contacts and receive a satisfying and high-paying job.

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