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Why You Need a Executive Job Search Specializing Firm

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Outplacement is becoming common as more and more companies downsize due to the struggling economy. Although it is clear to most managers how outplacement helps their downsized employees, the services can be expensive, which leaves many company executives wondering whether they are receiving good value for the investment. Here are five reasons you need an executive outplacement firm that specializes in job searches for downsized employees.

  1. To preserve your company's image.
    If the public perceives your company as mistreating former employees during a layoff, it could hurt your image, leading to reduced sales. Employees who feel they were mistreated may complain loudly and publicly about the way layoffs were handled.
  2. To avoid lawsuits.
    Employees who feel that the company cares for them are much less likely to sue for wrongful termination. If you can help your employees get jobs that are even better than the ones they are leaving, they will have no reason to be resentful or angry.
  3. To avoid workplace violence.
    1. Employees who feel desperate and hopeless are more likely to return to their former workplace with violent intentions. Outplacement services can help them feel optimistic about the future and avoid conflict resolution scenarios.
  4. To give your former employees an edge.
    Most job seekers do not have the benefit of career counseling, resume services, and one-on-one coaching when they are looking for jobs. Having these services at their disposal gives your exiting employees an advantage over the competition.
  5. To maintain positive relationships with the rest of your employees.
    When the employees who are not laid off see how well you have treated their former co-workers, they will feel more secure about working for the company and as a result, they will be more inclined to remain productive in their current positions and less inclined to look for work elsewhere.

An executive job search firm specializing in outplacement services for downsized employees can help your company get through this tough period with its reputation intact. Client-focused outplacement services give your employees the tools they need to find jobs and get back into the workforce as quickly as possible.