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The 10 Fastest Ways to Lose Your Job

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In today's corporate culture, job security is dependent on performance. The perceived notion that your employer will continue to employ you based on years of service is a myth. The security of your job solely depends on your ability to perform, produce results, and contribute to your company's bottom line. Executive employment career counseling can help you determine the best ways to do this.

However, there are some things you can do now to improve your chances of keeping your job, like avoiding the ten things on this list. The fastest way to lose your job is to screw up repeatedly. Make a few wrong moves and you guarantee being shortlisted on the pink slip list. Here are the ten fastest ways to lose your job:

  1. Don't bother learning your responsibilities: 1. Failing to learn what's expected of you, including departmental policies, project requirements, and deadlines, is a sure-fire way to join the unemployment line. A good boss will not tolerate a bad employee for long.
  2. Only do what your job description states: Be prepared to work outside your job title. Doing only the bare minimum will get you labeled as someone who rarely ever takes initiative. Make sure you're someone your boss can count on.
  3. Keep breaking the rules: Want to show your employer how little you care about your career success? Arrive late and leave early on a consistent basis, and while you're at it, dress like it's Friday the rest of the week.
  4. Do your best to be unlikeable: 1. Refusing to be a team player and always looking out for your own objectives instead of supporting the team makes you a bad sport. Work toward building positive relationships with your team instead of creating conflict and 'it will be easier to advance in your career with help and support from others.
  5. Run errands and help yourself to supplies: Steal from the company and you lose trust, credibility, reputation, and eventually your job. This could mean using the company car for personal use and pilfering paper, pens, and office supplies to replenish your home office.
  6. Do you work hard or hardly work? Spending more time keeping up with friends sends a direct message to your boss about where your priorities lie. Think your boss won't notice as you sneakily tweet behind her back? Most firms monitor everything from employee email to web browser history.
  7. Always keep frowning: Maintain a grumpy demeanor, constantly complaining and cribbing and you're soon to be shown the door. Nobody likes to work with someone who has a negative attitude.  
  8. Enjoy walking over others: If you think it's okay to take credit for others' work or that belittling others makes you smart, you're wrong.  Get perceived as arrogant and self-centered and you're on your way down, not up.
  9. Be the 'go-to' person at the water cooler: Office gossip is bound to happen. Add your own spicy story to half-true gossip or get caught spreading rumors and you guarantee your own premature exit from the company being the next hot topic.
  10.  Be invisible: Employees who think taking cover rather than taking risk somehow leads to guaranteed job security are highly mistaken. Go unnoticed long enough without volunteering for a task or stepping out of your comfort zone, and no one will miss your absence.

If you decide you'd rather keep your job or are serious about career and job advancement, advice from a trained professional can make all the difference. For executive employment career counseling in Albany, NY—or anywhere else—look no further than Joel Garfinkle. One of the top 50 executive coaching and career coach specialists in the United States, Joel will help you identify behaviors and actions affecting and possibly curbing your professional growth. If you're searching for a career coach who delivers results, your search ends here.