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Below are links nationally published articles written by Joel Garfinkle. They provide practical, "how-to" information and insights to help you with the job search process.

Please forward any of these articles to your coworkers, managers, employees, family and friends. These articles may be reprinted as long as the copyright notice and contact information remains intact.

  1. Jobless in Today's Economy – What to Do?
    In today's economy, every person knows someone who has been laid off, fired, terminated or is unemployed. Finding a new job has become a lot more difficult. Learn the 11 tips on how to get through this challenging period.
  2. Job Search Tips for a Senior Executive Starting a New Career
    If you've climbed all the way to the top of the ladder only to find that you haven't found your dream job, don't despair! It is never too late to change course and pursue the career you really want. These career search tips will help you transition from senior executive to whatever job it is that will provide the fulfillment you yearn for.
  3. 3 Ways Executive Outplacement Helps Downsized Marketing Firm Employees
    Marketing firms can use executive outplacement to help find employment or a new career for the employees they have to terminate. Executive outplacement helps employees survive the initial downsizing shock, target the exact role and industry they want, and use networking to find their new position.
  4. How to Beat the Stress of Losing Your Job
    Losing your job still ranks as one of life's 10 most stressful events. So it's natural to feel pressure when you're laid off. You're worried about your family, finances and future. Not to mention you've been tossed overboard into the worst job market in decades. Learn how to beat the stress of losing your job with these eight tips.
  5. Job Candidates Be Advised: Employers Are Relying on Social Networking
    Employers don't just use Google to check out job candidates, they're relying more on social networking. CareerBuilder's survey revealed that 35 percent of employers found content that caused them not to hire a candidate. With that in mind, here are some tips for presenting the best image possible.
  6. How to Negotiate a Raise
    You've worked hard and you deserve a raise. And now you're just about ready to ask for it. What's the best way to negotiate for that increase?
  7. Job Change - What Do I Consider?
    According to a survey of 3,000 managers who changed jobs last year, 92 percent attained equivalent or better salaries, benefits and titles. Before you "take the plunge," learn the five questions you should ask yourself when considering a job change.
  8. Online Resources To Finding A Job
    Looking for a job? The Internet can be a goldmine. With more than 40,000 job sites, it's no wondering almost three-fourths of all job seekers use the web as their primary source of job postings. Learn the eight best online resources to finding a job.
  9. Five Simple Ways to Tune Up Your Resume
    Jeff had been a successful department head with impressive credentials. He was confident and charismatic. His personality would fill up the room. I asked him to send me his resume. But when I read it, the Jeff I knew and respected was nowhere to be found. His resume was flat, ordinary and -- unlike Jeff -- didn't stand out from the crowd. In this article you'll find a few, simple tips to get the highest possible performance out of your resume.
  10. Daily Action Plan Leads to Quick Employment
    Don't feel helpless and victimized after you lose your job. Here are seven ways to take to action and shorten the time it takes before you're employed again.
  11. Encouragement…Key Antidote for Joblessness
    Losing a job can be one of the most demoralizing and stressful events in life. You can provide a friend or former colleague a powerful antidote as they search for employment: encouragement.
  12. Help Finding A Job
    Here are a couple of emails I received from clients who wanted help finding a job. Hopefully this information will be helpful if you're one of the many people in today's job market.
  13. Downsizing Motivation Theory - Keep Employee Morale High During Layoffs
    It is difficult for employees to feel secured and valued in today's unpredictable workplace. With layoffs and cutbacks looming, business owners and managers need to implement downsizing motivation theory to keep their top employees motivated and loyal.
  14. Personal Contacts Are Essential for Senior Executive Outplacement
    One of the most important things a senior executive outplacement firm will tell you to do when seeking a new position is to use your network to find contacts in the company you want to work for. By using your contacts to get your resume personally delivered to the person doing the hiring, you will have a personal advantage over the competition.
  15. How Outplacement Career Centers Turn Layoffs into Career Advancement Opportunities
    Outplacement centers can help displaced workers redirect their efforts to find viable employment in their chosen fields. These centers provide career counseling and resume services to help your exiting employees find work faster. Find out how expert coaching from outplacement career centers helps your employees turn a layoff into an opportunity to land the job of their dreams.
  16. Downsizing Hurts Productivity Case Study
    A case study of the Hampton Fire Rescue demonstrates how downsizing hurts productivity among employees. Find out the results of the study and learn what you can do to minimize the loss of productivity and morale that often accompanies downsizing.
  17. Why You Need an Outplacement Firm Specializing in Executive Job Search
    Hiring an outplacement firm specializing in executive job search is good for the company too, not just the displaced employees. Here are five ways your company will benefit as a result of providing outplacement services to your downsized employees.
  18. The 10 Fastest Ways to Lose Your Job
    If you decide you'd rather keep your job or are serious about career and job advancement, advice from a trained professional can make all the difference. For executive employment career counseling in Albany, NY—or anywhere else—look no further than Joel Garfinkle.
  19. Downsizing the Right Way: Ethical Treatment of Workers during Layoffs
    Ethical treatment of workers during layoffs is more than just avoiding discrimination lawsuits. It's about treating your employees the way you would want to be treated. Here are seven ways to inject downsizing ethics into your layoff process.
  20. 7 Often-Overlooked Career Choices for Older Displaced Workers
    Experienced professionals or executives who have been laid off bring with them valuable experience and business skills that are transferrable to a wide range of industries. There are a number of viable career choices for older displaced workers.